Top 5 Work Document Stamps

Top 5 Work Document Stamps

The humble office stamp is around to make your life easier, by producing difficult-to-write words like “COPY” in bold, red letters across an unimportant document that will be filed away and probably never seen again until someone cleans out your office in 2019.

The time saved by hunting around in your desk drawer for the stamp, pulling off the little plastic cap, wiping runny ink off your hands, aligning the stamp onto the paper just to press down “URGENT” upside-down, is enormous considering the effort it would normally take you to print a few letters.

So what stamps are out there that could further save you time in your administrative sprint up the corporate ladder?

Number 5.
This stamp would be excellent for those things that come through internal mail when the sender has no idea of who you are, what you do, or why you should care.

Number 4.
These nifty series of stamps are perfect for pretty much any document that passes your desk.

Number 3.
If you think Hallmark is out to rip the world off by charging $7 a card, this stamp is for you. With just a single outlay, you’ve covered yourself for not forgetting any occasion- just stamp on a post-it note to show you care.

Number 2.
If I had a Fail Stamp, it would need re-inking at least twice a week.

Number 1.
Not to end on a jaded-employee note, there may be some things that appear on your desk which inspire a sense of awesomeness in you. Like a press release involving pink poodles, a midget and 2 minute noodles. For these moments, there is the Facebook reaction.

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