Weird Wine, Beer and Spirit Labels From Around the World

Weird Wine, Beer and Spirit Labels From Around the World

This is what happens when marketing teams get to know their product a little too well.

While I was on my nightly weekly trek to the bottle shop (“off-licence” for those in the UK, “liquor store” for US counterparts) I noticed a rather odd-looking label on a bottle of spirits. Can you guess the main ingredient of this liquour delight?

unicum funny spirit alcohol bottle label

This got me thinking, what other strange but wonderful drinks are in my local bottlo apart from Passion Pop? So off I went around the store, snapping a few gems along the way.

This next drink is obviously aimed at anyone living in Wales/ New Zealand/ Tasmania: Sheepshaggers Premium Beer. Well you wouldn’t trust what was in their second-rate stuff.

sheepshaggers beer funny acohol name label

This wine called Retsina may not exactly have a name that will make you smirk, but take a look at the picture on this Greek label to see what this drink is really all about.

Retsina table wine funny strange alcohol label picture

On a completely different end of the spectrum, we now come to Virgin beer. I assume the name isn’t actually specifying the main drinkers of this beer, otherwise they’d be loosing out on customers as soon as a six-pack was sold.

virgin beer low carb organic funny alcohol name

Now here’s a unique product on the market. No, I’m not talking about organic wine, but apparently you can drink a glass of female sex cells for a smashing good time. Bowl of gametes to go with that anyone?

ova organic wine strange funny alcohol name

Again we haven’t exactly reached a funny name with this bottle of Dogbolter beer (although top marks for unique branding), what I’m more interested in with this label is the grade of beer: Garage Reserve. Class.

australian beer strange funny name larger

While not exactly ha ha funny, this liqueur is unique for its bottle shape, which not only resembles an Italian landmark, but you after you’ve gotten through half the bottle.

pisa funny liqueur alcohol

So there are the range of strange alcoholic lubricators I had no idea was on sale at my local. Know of any other weird and wonderful drinks out there? Any comments saying VB will be flamed.

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