Top 10 Things To Do When Sick In Bed

Top 10 Things To Do When Sick In Bed

You may well have thought that every top ten list had already been done on the internet, but here comes yet another previously unfathomable one- the top 10 things to do when you’re incapacitated.

I recently had a toe injury, which doesn’t sound all that major, but required x-rays and a doctor lasering a hole into my big toe nail to relieve the built up blood pressure. My toe has since remained blue and three times its normal size which is neither attractive or practical.

Usually at this point in a post I’d upload a related picture, but as I’d prefer you to keep reading rather than make you go feel sick, I’ll refrain.

Anyway, I’ve been doing my fair share of sitting around to prevent any unnecessary blood spurts from my toenail which got me wondering, what are the best things to do when you’re not throwing a sickie from work but are actually laid-up?

Here then are my top ten things to do when you’re couch-bound.

10. Read… something

This is hardly original, but its too obvious a seated occupation to miss out on for a top ten list. If you’ve been reading the same book for hours, mix it up with a magazine or nutritional information from a cereal box. It’s good to know how much of your recommended daily intake of vitamin B6 you’re getting.

read cereal box for when bored

9. Learn to Draw

Why not take this new abundance of time to pick up a new skill? Sketching is something you just need a pencil and paper for, and thanks to the wisdom of the inter-web, there are heaps of sites to start you off, and all for free. Good old is a good place to start, or why not try your hand at drawing your own comics?

8. Meditate

I always think I should get into meditation but never seem to have the time / solitude / ability to not get distracted. Well sitting on the couch with my foot propped up on the coffee table has made me think of the benefits of not thinking. To get you more involved than just exhaling “om”, there are free guided meditations available online- will perk up your zen.

7. Learn how to play poker better

This skill could come in handy someday. You never know when the gambling bug will take hold of you- might as well give yourself the best head start possible for the inevitable addiction.

6. Online collaboration is not just a catchphrase

I’m not talking about the obvious time-wasting hours on Facebook or Twitter (though consider those tips 6.1 and 6.2) but instead, use online collaboration tools creatively and not necessarily as they were intended. As all your friends will be at work / school when you’re laid-up, get them involved in a project they can take part in, in their own time. Open a new Google Wave and share it  with everyone. Then do something weird and creative, like posting weird pictures of toothless people, or writing a sentence then getting all of your friends to write their own subsequent sentences to create a strangely unique story.

5. Make homemade butter

Yes, you could do any sort of cooking really, but it could get annoying moving from the pantry to the fridge to the butcher back to the pantry while on crutches for all of your duck a l’orange ingredients. Why not try your hand something you would usually buy pre-packaged, and that has just 1 ingredient?

To make your very own amazing butter, just grab 2 cups of double cream (or send your very nice friend down to the shops for you) and blend for 10 minutes. Pour off the extra liquid, add a bit of salt if you wish, and you have your very own toast spread! This recipe makes 250g of butter.

butter recipe

4. Plan something

Planned your next trip? What you’re going to get your other half for their upcoming birthday? Which knick knacks from the 80s you can throw away? What you’re going to do with your life for the next 5 years? You’ve got the time to get some stuff sorted!

3. Call people

Not email, not SMS, not tweet (though you can obviously do those too- in addition to the calling!) but keep up your interaction with the outside world by getting on the phone. Online VoIP services like Skype keep calls around the world affordable and if your mate has an account, calls are free. So go on, when was the last time you called your mum?

2. Take some weird arty photos of yourself

This can provide you with hours of entertainment. See feet photo in my last post.

arty photos top ten

1. Start a blog

Blogs can be free from sites like wordpress and blogger. If you’re worried about a topic, you can write about ANYTHING! Just look at this whole post on my toe.

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