Intelligent Advertising? Frog Goat Ad Takes on Sydney

Intelligent Advertising? Frog Goat Ad Takes on Sydney

I for one am all for ambiguity- I mean how else do we attract a partner without glossing over something in our past, Seinfield yadda yadda style? Being ambiguous in advertising though is either genius or maddening, and I’m starting to lean towards the latter in this case.

Let’s look at what is currently flooding Sydney bus stops and train stations:

Yes it’s goat-frog. You know that cheese, no pair of jeans, no massage service….

Whatever it is, it’s doing a good job of reaching out to millions of people, even though we’re not entirely sure what we’re being reached out to about.

I’ve asked around and no one is sure, though theories are rife on that it could be a Sydney Festival plug, or an ad for hair products. Organic of course, like the smiling frog.

While I’m enjoying using the ad as a talking point in the pub, I fear that once it’s revealed to us that we’re actually discussing the latest drink from coca-cola, we’ll all be bitterly disappointed and go back to being overtly influenced to buy a bottle Stoneleigh Sav Blanc with 2 glasses next to it (because that’s how you drink wine).

The problem with most ads is that they are either on the extreme in-your-face-you-need-this-product-now-yes-this-product-right-here, or they’re frog goat.

I’m keen on ads that break creative boundaries and aren’t necessarily related to the industry they’re advertising like the ever-present cow in a milk ad.

Here’s an example of an agency (though I’m not sure what kind of agency- it’s not clear from their advertising) in Sydney’s Northern Beaches:


Now this real estate/ advertising/ recruitment “agency” is spot on!

While I’m still unclear on what they do, I feel that Ben Stiller has nothing to do with their business, neither does hair spray. Yet I know their work-ethic, and I want them to do whatever it is they do for me.

Unless I feel the need to obey my thirst first.

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