How the Apple iPad Should Really Be Marketed

How the Apple iPad Should Really Be Marketed

The hype for Apple’s latest device was all there, sending the tech world into a tizz with the rumour that Apple was releasing its own tablet computer. Maybe. Some time in the future. Or it could be releasing a new version robo-dog.

We were never sure, but we couldn’t stop speculating over it. Ever since Apple’s release of the iPad though, sentiment towards this not-an-iPod-but-not-a-MacBook-so-no-one-really-wants-it-device has waned a touch.

The jokes are there with iTampon trending higher than iPad on Twitter after the device was announced, and the Los Angeles Times tech blog asking, “Yes, the iPad is small, lightweight and slim. But can you swim with it?”

Apple did well in creating a high-tech device that everyone was really excited about because everyone else was really excited about it. Its branding fail however is even more epic than Nintendo’s efforts with the Wii.

Let’s see what else Apple’s marketing team have missed out on in promoting a product that can absorb blue liquid thanks to its wings colour screen.

Well, the concept worked the first time.

This is perhaps a bit unfair. The iPad is lighter as well.

What we can expect to see in the near future- Steve Jobs in a black turtleneck with jeans.

It’s white, compact and will make your life seem more fulfilled until you realise it’s the reason you haven’t gone to bed for four nights in a row.

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