Yodeling Pickle And Other Pickly Products

Yodeling Pickle And Other Pickly Products

In a pickle about how to tell that special someone in your life that they mean a lot to you? Probably best to steer clear of these ideas then.

I am once again ecstatic that Amazon has branched out of books and CDs and has gone for something a bit more je ne sais quois. I was already excited about the range of bacon products on offer, and now to compliment your Patron Saint of Bacon Statue, you can add a yodeling pickle to your mantelpiece.
If you’re part of the 90% of people who picks out the pickle from your McDonald’s double cheese burger, this may be just what you need to conquer your fear of a squishy green thing soaked in brine.

I do like how the manufacturers felt the need to specify that this device is an electronic yodeling pickle, just in case anyone thought it had the power to do a Frauline Von Trapp by divine intervention.

Other pickly products to spend your hard-earned cash on includes a Pickle-Pult to terrorise your cat or loved one with.
pickle_pultNote that if you are tempted by the Pickle-Pult, you should really only use the official Mini Terrified Pickle refills in lieu of carving out your own pickle projectiles.
terrified_picklesJust in case one of your Terrified Pickles goes astray (or hits it target) you can fix up a nasty mini-pickle-sized-gash with a Pickle Bandaid.
pickle_bandaid Finally, seeing as Halloween is just around the corner, I couldn’t not include the adult (yes you read that right) sized Pickle Costume.
Used in conjunction with a life-sized ice cream costume, this fetching outfit can also be used to subtly hint to your other half that you may be expecting in 9 months’ time.

So don’t hold the pickle- be it!

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