Unit Man: The Cheapest Hero of Them All

Unit Man: The Cheapest Hero of Them All

Australia has, for awhile now, been desperately trying to position itself as a global world leader, and in some cases we are succeeding. Only a few months ago it was reported that Australia was the “first international participant to complete its foundation works” at our pavilion in the Shanghai World Expo 2010. New Zealand, eat your heart out.

(Warning: if you follow that link you will see Simon Crean’s “that cheese smells off” face.)

This makes it all the more perplexing that we are potentially going to undo our intelligentsia-progress by resorting to a superhero cartoon character to help Australian consumers understand a new reform in supermarkets: unit pricing.

I kid you not.

It’s not that we’re a country full of people who need a widespread educational campaign to learn that a 2 litre bottle of bleach priced at $6 with a unit price of $3 per litre, means for every litre of beach, you pay $3.

It’s not even that the Government is using the aid of visual graphics to explain that a bag of 10 apples priced at $5 with a unit price of 50c per apple, means for every apple, you pay 50c. (Are we getting the pattern here yet?)

No, it’s not even that unit pricing is just being introduced in Australia while the rest of the world has had the luxury of not having to long-divide in front of packs of dried pasta for years.

It’s that we had to create a whole new SUPERHERO to explain the concept of a “unit”.


Unit Man’s claim to fame isn’t jumping tall buildings in a single bound, or driving an outlandish ‘mobile’ that make Lamborghinis look practical. Instead, Unit Man will rescue Australian consumers from the confusing perils of the Australian Consumer Regulator’s new price labeling system.

This makes my nightly unlit walks from the bus stop to home safer. Much safer. Thank you Unit Man.

Unit Man hasn’t been physically revealed to us yet, accounting for the current perplexed faces in the frozen goods aisle at Woolworths, Balgowlah.

(Not wanting to appear completely flippant on this important matter, if Unit Man hasn’t been able to help you with determining the price of a cotton bud, you can call the Unit Pricing Hotline on +61 1300 746 245. It’s not clear whether you’ll speak to “Unit Man” himself, or his trusty sidekick, “This One’s Cheaper You Tool”)

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